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Mediterranean Inspired Appetizer Spread

E and I had guests this weekend, the first we’ve had since we moved in together (except my mom, but she helped me move so I was too tired to entertain, thanks mom, I love you, next time you come I can make this for you) and I really wanted to do something special but not too difficult. I put out these appetizer dishes inspired Spanish tapas and Mediterranean flavors. It was so easy to throw together it should be illegal. Everyone was impressed, though, and I got way more credit than I deserved.


The spread:

I recommend you start with the chickpeas, stuff the figs while the chickpeas are cooking, and place the olives in a bowl while both the chickpeas and figs are cooking. And there you have it, an easy and impressive spread that you can prepare, cook, and clean up in less than 2 hours. All of these dishes can be served cold and prepared a day or two ahead of time.

Note: The book in the background of the featured image is Birds of Paradise, and if you only own one coffee table book, I recommend this one. And if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for it, you can watch this video about the project of studying and documenting these birds.*

*I am not being paid or encouraged by National Geographic or anyone to promote this, the book just happened to be in the background of the picture, and since I think it’s a really great project I wanted to share it.