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Differing tastes

I am currently visiting my wonderful boyfriend E on spring break (don’t get any ideas, burglars,  my roommates are still around). As great as our relationship is, I often have difficulty cooking healthy food that we both like. I’m a fruit and veggie lean vegetable protein whole grain kinda gal (well, I’m trying to be, the whole cheese/pasta addiction thing gets in my way sometimes), and he’s definitely a starch and meat kind of guy. He will, of course, eat pretty much anything that I put in front of him (as long as it’s not fruit, I really don’t understand his aversion to fruit) but I do try to cook food that he likes.

So for those of you in meaty/veggie (or kinda veggie trying to be healthy) relationship (and for my reference), I’ve compiled a list of recipes from around the internet and my head that work for everyone. I have tried every single one on my meaty, and he approves. These recipes are also just good recipes in general, you can cook them for anyone who isn’t on a low sodium diet.

  • Spicy black bean burgers (I didn’t feel like buying flax, so I substituted egg. It didn’t cook up quite right but still tasted great)
  • Butternut squash quesadilla 
  • Sweet potato quesadilla
  • Pretty much any vegetarian chili recipe, I usually make this one from allrecipes
  • The chickpea recipe I posted a few weeks ago, but I used Perfect Pinch “Southwest” seasoning instead of lemon and rosemary.
  • Quick “creamy” salad dressing- a recipe that was inspired by a Rachel Ray (I think) article that I read in a magazine in, of all places, a car repair shop: peel and pit a ripe avocado, place avocado in a bowl, mash, add some lime juice and salt. Add olive oil if desired. Mix into salad. Eat.
  • Cold peanut noodles (also great for potlucks and picnics) (I usually use peanut oil instead of sesame,  sesame oil is like $10 for a tiny bottle).
  • Instant miso soup packets–available in more grocery stores than you would think (I’m not actually sure how healthy these are, but they’re probably a healthier appetizer than a slab of pepper jack cheese).

Wow, I just realized how short that list is. Before I tried to go all healthy and stuff, I used to make spicy mac n’ cheese and various other high-calorie very-cheese delicious things (corn chowder with heavy cream, extra cheesy quiche, more mac n’ cheese). This list is still a work-in-progress. Please comment below if you have any recipes that veggies and meaties alike can enjoy, I’m always looking for new ideas.