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Blizzards and Irish Soda Bread


This weekend, the storm of the century pounded Boston with about 2 feet of snow. The entire city has been more or less shut down since Friday afternoon. So, what did I do with my free time? Work in a dish room for some extra cash, attempt to join the most epic snowball fight of all time only to find out it had already been broken up by the cops, and bake bread.

I really wanted to make a traditional loaf with all my spare time, but I don’t happen to possess¬†any yeast. So, after a little internet research, I decided on this Irish soda bread recipe. It wasn’t too difficult- the toughest part was convincing the sticky dough it stay in a vaguely round shape. The results were unequivocally¬†delicious. I brought what I had managed to not eat in the 6 hours between afternoon and evening to my friend J’s fondue potluck. There is only thing better than Irish soda bread: Irish soda bread dipped in melted cheese.

I couldn't even wait long enough to take a picture before I started eating this.

I got about 1/4 of the way through the loaf before I could stop eating long enough to take a picture.