Marmaladin’ it

IMG_2483 - Version 2

So last week I bought a 5lb bag of clementines from Trader Joe’s. Normally, I love Trader Joe’s clementines, but this batch just wasn’t good. I can’t stand to waste food, but I didn’t want to eat these clementines raw, so I decided to make marmalade.

IMG_2528I found an absolutely excellent recipe online. I sterilized my motley crew of glass jars using the instructions on this website.

I made a few alterations to the recipe from Binny cooks. First, instead of using a tea bag for my lemon seeds, I put them in a coffee filter and tied the filter with a piece of thread.

Cute little packet of peptin rich lemon seeds.

Cute little packet of peptin rich lemon seeds.

I also didn’t have quite enough clementines (and they were the small ones from TJ’s), and they were too sweet for my taste, so I added about half a lemon extra.

Not enough clemies?

Not enough clemies?

I also didn’t have enough white sugar, so I used about 3/5 white sugar, 2/5 brown sugar. I don’t think it changed the taste much, but it gave the marmalade a dark caramel color.

Other than that, I just boiled the marmalade for about a million years, jarred it, and left it on the window sill to cool.







The only change I would make next time is I would chop up all of the peel and dump it in to add a little more bitterness.

Marmalading is pretty simple! And here I was thinking all these years that it was next to impossible.


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